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Thrive Bedfordshire – helping people overcome Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Emetophobia and much more….. Live the life you desire!

Thrive Bedfordshire is a successful Thrive and hypnotherapy practice. I offer the revolutionary Thrive Programme to individuals and businesses mainly in Beds,Bucks and Herts and is within easy reach of Leighton Buzzard, Aylesbury, Luton, Dunstable, Harpenden, Tring, Ampthill, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Buckingham.

As well as being a fully qualified Licensed Thrive Consultant I am a clinical hypnotherapist and a member of the Thrive_Consultant_badge_256IAEBP (International Association of Evidence Based Practitioners). As a licensed Thrive consultant, here at Thrive Bedfordshire! I can deliver the amazing Thrive Programme, a unique psychological training programme, which has helped thousands of people with issues such as stress and anxiety-related problems, phobias, smoking cessation, weight loss, depression, self esteem, social anxiety, sexual problems and panic attacks.

“I went through the Thrive programme with support from a Therapist in order to try and confront a fear that I had. Working through this programme gave me so much more than I had imagined and I would recommend it to anyone. I think working through the programme with progessional support would be advised to maximise the benefit. It is hard work but for me the results are incredible and I am very grateful.”



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The incredible Thrive Programme!

I have been trained in many different therapies and in my experience The Thrive Programme is the most powerful and empowering way to help people change their limiting beliefs and make permanent changes to their lives, often in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Unlike some other training programmes or therapies Thrive is empowering because it is understandable, accessible and non-magical. Thrive is not therapy or a treatment programme where something is ‘done to’ a person. It is all about empowering people to make the necessary changes for themselves. This also helps you to take responsibility for making any changes and build a sense of personal power.

Through undertaking the programme with me at Thrive Bedfordshire, people then learn how to permanently change their limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking styles and develop the psychological skills needed to Thrive.

Many people tell me that they have tried other therapies for their issue before coming to see me and have said that the Thrive Programme is very different, interesting and fun! By guiding you through the Thrive Programme I will help you get clear insight in to what makes you tick. This is vital to help you overcome your symptoms, but the Thrive Programme is about so much more than that, it is about teaching you to have good self esteem, creating strong emotional foundations, building resilience and confidence allowing you to feel more in control and to enjoy a happier more fulfilling life!

“When I first came to see you I was in a difficult place. My anxiety levels were very high, I was having trouble sleeping and I was feeling completely overwhelmed by negative thoughts. From that very first session I’ve always found you to be a really down to earth guy who speaks a hell of a lot of common sense and is able to communicate ideas in a really easy to understand manner. I looked forward to our sessions more and more each week. The Thrive Programme has completely changed my outlook and given me a new understanding on myself and the reasons I felt the way I did. I have changed from being a victim of my thoughts to being the boss of them. I feel like I now have a great set of tools to manage my thinking and avoid stop negative thoughts escalating into anxiety.”

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Simply call my mobile on 07982 260082. If I’m with a client, you can leave a confidential message on my answer-phone and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email me at:info@garryhiggins.co.uk